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ProLog, Inc. is an award winning government services company specializing in Integrated Logistics and Systems Engineering. We effectively communicate with our clients creating solutions to their unique contracting needs.  We keep costs low to remain competitive and pass those savings on to the customer.

Our clients include Military and Federal Agencies requiring support from a veteran owned and proven successful company. ProLog emphasizes value and a strong work ethic from a workforce dominated by veterans. Our clients speak highly of our ability to provide services that meet their demands and exceed their expectations.

Logistics & Engineering Services:

Logistics - Related to industrial workflow and base operations with an emphasis on Supply Chain Management, purchasing and warehousing. This includes inventory, material management, distribution, transportation, munitions, and fuels management.

Engineering - Supporting industrial and base operations with an emphasis on maintenance, repair, and calibration of aircraft. Project Management and systems engineering disciplines have resulted in significant cost savings for the Government.

Information Technology - Prolog applies appropriate technologies designed to support and improve engineering and logistics operations such as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - ERP.


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